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Our Trading Terms & Conditions

These are our trading terms and conditions. If you have any questions please give us a call or email us.


1.       Definitions:
          1.1    “Bmech Aircon” means Bmech Aircon Limited and where the context admits includes any servant or agent of Bmech Aircon.
          1.2     “Quotations” mean the quotation provided by Bmech Aircon to the Client, detailing inter alia the Works and the price payable.

          1.3     “Variation” means the alteration or modification of the design, scope or quality of the Works as described in the Quotation.
          1.4     “Works” means the alteration or modification of the design, scope or quality of the Works as described in the Quotation.
          1.5    “Client” means the person or organisation to whom the Quotation is addressed.
          1.6     “Agreement” means the contractual rights and obligations of Bmech Services and the Client as set out in the Quotations, the Order and these Terms
                     and Conditions.
          1.7     “Due Date” means the date on which payment of an invoice is due.
          1.8     “Order” means the Order placed by the Client in response to the Quotation but not, for the avoidance of doubt, any term or condition stated therein that is                                 inconsistent with Bmech Services’ Terms and Conditions.

2.       These Terms and Conditions shall:
          2.1     Apply to be and incorporated into the final agreement (“the Agreement”) entered into between Bmech Aircon and the Client; and
          2.2     Prevail over any inconsistent terms or conditions contained or referred to in the Order, Confirmation of Order, acceptance of a Quotation, or implied by law,                               trade custom practise or course of dealing.

3.        The Quotation will remain open for acceptance for thirty (30) days.  Thereafter Bmech Aircon reserve the right to adjust the Quotation, interalia, to reflect any                         adverse fluctuation in cost of materials.          

4.        The Quotation is net of all discount.          

5.        The Quotation, rates, etc. are exclusive of VAT.          

6.        The Quotation is based upon the design being in accordance with the principles laid down in the BSRIA/CIBSE guide to Current Practices (the edition current at
            time of Quotation).          

7.         Programme dates will be confirmed following the receipt of full and final written order to proceed with the Works.          

8.         Bmech Aircon does not accept responsibility for delays caused by manufacturers, suppliers, industrial disputes, breakdowns of any relevant plant, or any other                          matter outside of Bmech Aircon control.          

9.         The Client shall allow Bmech Services an extension of time to the programme dates in the event delays as a result of Clauses.          

10.1     Bmech Aircon does not accept liability for loss or damage of any kind (other than in respect of death or personal injury) whether caused by its negligence or                              otherwise and the Client should insure itself accordingly.        

             10.2       Without prejudice to Clause 10.1 above, Bmech Aircon shall not be liable to the Client for any indirect or consequential loss including any actual or                                               anticipated loss of profit or income.        

11.        Terms of payment shall be as follows:           
             11.1        Final payment for each invoice shall be (30) days from the date of Invoice.             
             11.2        Invoices shall be subject to VAT at the prevailing rate. Vat Registration No: 582 0001 84; Company Registration No: 4506167.         

12.1    In the event of failure to make a payment of any invoice in full before the final date for payment Bmech Aircon give notice to the client of its intention to suspend                     performance, and if such failure continues for a further seven (7) days after giving such notice Bmech Aircon may immediately suspend its performance of its                           obligations under the Agreement unless and until such payment is made.  

            12.2        In the event that such payment is made Bmech Aircon shall commence the works provided that it shall be allowed a reasonable lead-in period to mobilise                                  staff and/or purchase materials necessary to facilitate the continuance of the Works.              

13.       Bmech Aircon reserves the right to charge interest at eight percent (8%) over current bank base rate on overdue accounts.          

14.       Bmech Aircon does not accept responsibility for infringement of manufacturer’s warranties whilst properly undertaking the Works in accordance with Client’s                           instructions.      

15.       Whilst every care is taken in the preparation and execution of the Works, Bmech Aircon does not accept responsibility for any costs, howsoever incurred, as a result              of superseded, incorrect or outdated information provided by the Client.                

16.       Variations and instruction will only be accepted if issued in writing before the Works commence and accepted in writing by the Client or Aircon Services respectively.  

17.       The Following, whilst not an exhaustive list, shall be considered as Variations to the Works:     
             17.1.    Lost time due to system not being ready on date advised or agreed programme date;     
             17.2.    Lost time due to faulty equipment;     
             17.3.    Changes to programme of Works; and     
             17.4.    Written instruction from the Client.          

18.        Variations shall be charged on a day work basis unless a price is agreed in advance of carrying out the said Variations.          

19.        Failure of the plant to conform to design duty will not constitute re-balancing within scope of works.          

20.        Bmech Aircon reserves the right to sub-contract the fulfilment of nay order (including installation) or any part thereof.          

21.        If Bmech Aircon, without reasonable cause, suspends the Works or fails to proceed diligently, and such suspension or failure continues for ten (10) days following                    written notice, of same, then the Client may terminate the Agreement forthwith by further notice.          

22.        If Bmech Aircon is prevented from proceeding with the Works due to reasons beyond Bmech Aircon control for a period in excess of 14 days or Bmech Aircon                          suspends the Works pursuant to clause 12.1 for a period in excess of 14 days then Bmech may terminate the Agreement forthwith by further notice.          

23.        If the client suffers and insolvency event Bmech Aircon may terminate this Agreement forthwith by notice.          

24.        In the event that a bona fide dispute arises regarding the Client’s failure to make payment within the agreed time, i.e thirty (30) days from the date of invoice, Bmech               Services reserves the right to withhold the witnessing sheets, certificates, and analysis results until such time as the dispute is resolved.          

25.        The Client may not sign or transfer any of the benefits or liabilities of the Agreement without the consent of Bmech Aircon.          

26.         In the event of conflict between this and any other conditions then Bmech Aircon Terms and Conditions shall take precedence.          

27.         In the event that the Client cancels any orders after instruction to commence with works, Bmech Services will charge a cost of 15% of the order value in addition to                 any charges Bmech Services incur for materials.          

28          Any requirement under the terms of this Agreement for notice to be given shall be satisfied if such notice is delivered in writing by recorded or registered delivery to               the address of the relevant party as described in the Agreement.          

29.         The Agreement shall be construed and operate as an English contract and in conformity with English law.


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